MT Vapes - Vape Pen

The first Vape Pen produce in Switzerland with a solventless extraction!

Discover an innovative new experience for the consumption of cannabis, a concentrate of flavours and cannabinoids, all this without combustionand tobacco-free! Inhalation by vaporisation is the most effective method for cannabis consumption!

MT Terralab selects and cultivates the best strains of cannabis in order to make you benefit from it in the MT Vapes. The « Solventless Extract » is a cannabis oil to be vaporized it is extracted in our laboratories by a method that does not use any solvents.

Les MT Vapes are 100% Natural ans Swiss Made ! Unlike e-liquids, the MT Vapes do not contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, only cannabis oil and triglycerides from plants, called MCT oil. This oil allows a better vaporization, healthier and without altering the taste of cannabis.

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