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MT Juices 

MT Terralab is proud to present our MT Juices. The MT Juices are CBD E-liquids 100% Swiss Made developed and produced in the laboratories of MT Terralab.

Our MT Juices are much more than E-liquids, they contain more than 25 Terpenes in order to reproduce the complex aromas of your favorite strains of Cannabis . These terpenes, the aromatic molecules of the Cannabisare extracted by steam distillation, in order to offer you a most pleasant taste experience with aromas 100% Naturals.

In addition to terpenes, you have a choice of three concentrations of CBD (0, 100, 500mg in 10ml). Our CBD is obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction of plants from Cannabis grown organically, this ensures you the best quality, without solvent or pesticide residues.

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